Christmas Eve!~

Friday, December 19, 2008


Good greetings everyone.....IM BACK!

Actually im oweys here in miri is meant for daydreaming to me! But until now i think holiday is almoz over...gotta get my mood back to the crowd~

Firstly....HOW COME THIS HOLIDAY PAST SO FAZ? havent had enuf fun yet...overally, band is the main issue during these short days....which was filled wif band camps and activities...they juz built up a bunch of sweet memories for me...REALLY.

And among all of camp ROXX the moz....i nvr had a camp be4 which makes me don wanna go home...truely it nvr ends in my heart~

Those who are involved in the orientation seems to be really bz...luckily im not one of them XD.....oh and ohya LU ZHOU performance...2nd time chu dui...hmm.....i still did some stupid mistakes during the performance zz and the thing is...I WAS STANDING IN THE MIDDLE, which made everyone saw my mistake...HAIZ~

ANYWAY....BREAKING NEWS! actually old news liao lar.....I will be studying in 3B next year~!
yala i drop class la sienz =.=.....sry for those who'll miss me~sry for my 3A frens, as u all have to climb so many stairs then baru can find me....unfortunately 3B isnt juz bside 3A...yeap not like 3C...which made me felt more exhausted! Gudbye to beloved Ex-2A frens....clare chua, esther su, kah shang, teck yew, sii sii family and many more....psps dissapointed u guys i noe....

oh ya and wad those Ex-2Bs farking doin! y drop half ppl??? make my fren more less le lar >< start to think tat 2009's class period is gonna be super boredom as i left a little frens only....

Anyway...jys too to erika ho and jhui whose trying hard to make themselves back to 3A....i think i'll juz stay in 3B...see mid-year lor....who knows i'll be back to 3A again lolx~

Laz P.S. for this post.....CHRIS BROWN ROXX!

Friday, October 31, 2008


Presenting the new tag system.....TA~!DA~!

1.What is your ambition?
首先这个问题真的是几迷惘一下,dunno eh...hadnt got a fixed ambition...bcoz everything seems so cool~! 干脆做自由业者算了...

2.Who is more important to you? Friends or boy/girlfriend?
Partner. lol im out of topic....i'll choose galfren ba....我承认我是见色忘友...=.=

3.How often do you think of committing suicide?
Suicide? definitely NO...but on the other hand i aint gonna do anything like to make myself more healthy...or try to longer my life...反正每个人总有一天都会走,keeping healthy总是有很多禁忌,对自己好一点,活得自由自在吧~!

4.Do you think you have enough confidence?
NO. like i said im oweys out of it. anti-self confidence? Hey! i nidda help too...

5.How many babies u wan?
888 babies

minus 400 babies

divide by 8 babies

multiply by 2 babies

divide by 61 babies the answer is 2 =.=

6.Do you believe in seeing rainbow after the rain?
even if i don wanna belief but still it's true...according to science text book

7.Are you yearning for freedom?
totally. freedom is ....a dream to me

8.I'm glad that I am...
one of 2a tsisters and euphoniumer!

9.What's a perfect boy/girlfriend like to you? (list 10)
someone tat likes everything bout me no matter gud or bad (1 for 10!)

10.What are you really afraid of?
caterpillars. KILL EM ALL! (and a ghost tape introduced by john nivie...)

11.What is your bad habit?
screaming, staying for hours in the bathroom ^^

12.Do you like blogging?
of course i do...but im a lazy person...

13.Do you cherich every single friendship of yours?
i will if they do.

14.What does flying means to you?
"watch out! don hit tio the birds!"

15.What do you crave for the most currently?

16.Are u single/relationship?
married...sry fans!

17.Describe the person who tagged you with 7 words.
tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk....

18.What have you done to yourself to make yourself happy?
sleeping...probably hoping for sweet dreams

19.What will you become in another 10 years come?
looking gud and talented man...XD

20.What can you say of yourself?
totally speechless.

Instructions: Remove one question from above and add in your personal question. Make a total of 20 questions and tag 5 people. List them out at the end of the post.Notify them in their cbox that they've been tagged. Whoever does the tag will have blessings.

hehehe...i wanna tag....1.Kang yao
2.Natalie hii
3.Eric rawing
4.Brenda laopo
5.Lim Hui hui

DONE! ^^

Sunday, September 14, 2008











Friday, September 12, 2008








trust me..u DON wanna noe my marks..they're..SUXX..u wouldnt belief this is a kind of result dat a 2a student shud get..wth


semester 2 is coming..i rly nid to do my bez in it..i don wanna drop class!!! haizz sadly there're lots of projects to do..masa untuk saya study kena rompak..T_T





缤纷的世界不可能只是存在着同样类型的人,对吧? 贫穷的,富有的,成功的,失败的,可谓五花八门的类型当中,最吸引我的人是---












Tuesday, September 2, 2008

an assembly for myself's maths was..terrrafic! the questions are quite cricky..but thnk godness i solve all of them! this feels so i've missed it for a long long time

feel like im rly rly lost bhind..think of the days in 6F..i was the top5 for several times! and think of how im now..ive lost..rly rly lose was damn unlucky to be in 1C..and then to 2B..and finally i made it to 2A..finally met wif the others ..others that fought along wif me in 6F! it was soo nice to noe that we can fight 2gether agn..but then, i was....frustrated btw..after found out that im losing alot to them..i wasnt the top5 that i used to be anymore..finally realise hw deep i've fallen since secondary school..I'VE GOT TO FIND A WAY TO CLIMB UP FROM ALL THIS MESS!

chiong! yes the only thing is to chiong..remain myself at the position wer im standing..nvr fall agn..then straight away up~until i've met up wif them..since now i've found my mistake..and the way to solve it..i nid to chng the way how THEY think of me..hope it's not too late..JYS

Friday, August 29, 2008

the moment that i've...HUNGER?

A moment like this
Some people wait a lifetime
Some people search forever
For that one special moment
Who wouldn't want that to happen to himself?
To make others feel envy for him
To prove to them, to amaze them

A moment like this
Hunger for a PARTNER but not a FRIEND
To carry the pace along with them
To find someone that would probably hold u with his arms sincerely once u've fall
To find someone to cherish all ur shares with him

A moment like this
Hunger for a SHE that will gifts u with the greatest love and memories of all
To settle down ur life with her
To trust in her even when she's against urselves
To think of her smile no matter what happens

A moment like this
Hunger for an endless spotlight
To shine on ur talent to let others notice it
To give you the best confidence whenever ur trying to do ur best
To guide u, being forever leaving away from the path of jealousy

A moment like this
I'll wait for my whole lifetime for it
To trust in it
That one day I'll get to feel how great it is

A moment like this
I'll search for it forever until the end
To be ready for every unexpected obstacles
And again eliminate them with all the wills I have

A moment like this
I will never stop believing, thinking, thus also rush for it